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From Our Customers

“As a small business owner with 4 children, I appreciate the flexibility and availability that First Resource Bank provides. I can call anyone, even the President, and they are there for me. It’s nice actually knowing the people I am talking to and banking with.”

Mark Joseph
My Favorite Plumber

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Get FRed™ to work for you! Here's how:

  • Download and complete the FRed™ application (PDF)
  • Contact Us and tell us you want FRed™ to work for you. We'll ask you for information about your business, and ask you to fax your application to FRed™ at 610.561.6038. If you'd like, we can also arrange a free demonstration, to better illustrate how FRed™ can help your business.
  • In as little as a week, you could have FRed™ hard at work in your business!*

*Eligibility for FRed™ is subject to the Bank's terms and conditions.